It’s nearly time to close the book on the gardening book for 2012 – it does seem like this year really flew by. All in all I think our weather was better than it has been the past few months. Only two really hot months (July and August) and fall kicked in as soon as we turned the calendar to September. Fall has been long and wonderful. Cooler than normal nights and mornings and lots of days of San Diego like weather…no complaints from me this year.

I love planning a beautiful tablescape for Thanksgiving! 

Hopefully you have over-seeded your lawn, planted your pansies and tulips – if so, well done! You will be rewarded next year and your neighbors will appreciate and value your hard work. 

You can continue to make changes to your landscaping this fall through December; in fact the nurseries are bringing in new plant stock every day. The best time to plant trees is now through March for the very best results. 

I will plant my paperwhite bulbs soon so they begin blooming in early December. Christmas isn’t Christmas without a windowsill of fresh and fragrant paperwhites.

This silver bowl makes a beautiful vessel for the paperwhites, as the container must hold water. Love the green and silver miniature balls at the base of the bulbs.

How simple is this? Jars with a simple ribbon on a silver tray.

How simply elegant?

You can never have too many paperwhites!

Top Things to do in November

• Last chance to finish up plantings of pansies, cabbage and kale. 

• If you haven’t ordered bulbs – it’s not to late – but hurry – don’t miss the opportunity to have a glorious spring next year. 

• Plant trees and evergreen shrubs and bushes. 

• Replace landscape plants that didn’t make it through the summer – now is a great time to do this. 

• Begin a first round of forced bulbs for Thanksgiving – plant the second round after Thanksgiving and you will have continuous bulbs in bloom in your home from Thanksgiving through mid January. Narcissus (paperwhites), Amaryllis, and hyacinths are best performers for indoor forcing. 

• Plan on what you will do to create the magic of Christmas in your home. 

Happy Gardening and Happy Thanksgiving!

 xo Terry