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Anders and Terry Carlson of AC Dwellings keep their eyes open for opportunities, for ideas, for new ways to look at the art of home design and construction. Building and renovating homes since 1998, they have gained a reputation for bringing a variety of influences to every project, and a thoughtful, hands-on approach to helping clients transform their homes.

Anders is fluent in European design concepts and he and Terry travel often, inspired by their journeys and their love of Mediterranean, French, English, Belgian and Swedish style cottages and manor houses. At the same time, they have an appreciation and passion for traditional, historic and the classic modern design. It is this depth of perspective, coupled with a desire to artfully blend today’s American lifestyle using quality craftsmanship, timeless European styling and exceptional details, that distinguishes AC Dwellings from other builders.

Whether a cottage or a larger custom home, AC Dwellings specializes in outdoor living spaces and innovative use of space and floor plan design. Casual yet elegant, an AC Dwellings home encompasses grace and charm born of careful observation and attention to the needs of each individual client. It is a rare quality indeed.

About Anders


Anders is from Sweden and moved to the U.S. in 1998. His experience and flair for design and construction results in beautiful, well-built homes which have a timeless yet unique style. He is especially gifted in kitchen and bathroom design, space planning and an overall integrated approach to residential construction, ensuring a wonderful end-result. He has a passionate and positive approach and strives to exceed our client’s expectations. He understands the importance of quality materials, finishes and construction with no short-cuts, but pays equal attention to every detail creating elegant and beautiful spaces.

About Terry


Terry brings a strong design sensibility to her projects. She is passionate about French, English, Traditional and Swedish styles; having incorporated these styles into her own homes, and the homes of several clients. For the clients preferring cleaner, more modern lines, she endeavors to artfully execute that design style. She particularly strives to create a unified "Home and Garden" approach for today's love of outdoor living. Her designs are casual, yet elegant and are created using a mix of elements from antiques to industrial items and everything in between. She is a color expert and has a team of painters who are able to artfully create exceptional finishes. Terry is also an avid garden designer and teacher to those who love gardening. Take advantage of her knowledge in her design blog and garden blog.

About AC Dwellings

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